Frenectomy - Infant Lip or Tongue Tie

Frenum restriction occurs in about 4% of children, it is also known as a tongue-tie or lip-tie. This restricts the child's tongue and/or lips from movement due to excessive webbing. The effects can be moderate inconveniences such as limited tongue mobility, or more severe, such as the inability to nurse during infancy, or significant speech impairments as they mature.

A laser frenectomy may be recommended for infants

  • When restricted mobility interferes with nursing, bottle feeding, or causes discomfort to mother or child

For children who required a frenectomy in infancy, but were untreated, later complications can be: 

  • Early termination of breastfeeding due to difficulty
  • Impaired oral hygiene, cavities, difficulty brushing and flossing
  • Orthodontic maladjustments
  • Speech impediments

Frenectomy Pre-Consultation Form

pdfHelpful Information on Nursing and Tongue/Lip Tie

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pdfInfant Post Treatment Care of Frenectomy

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